Rubicon Consulting provides specialist online marketing consultancy services to the iGaming industry. As the online marketing space has evolved over the last ten years, Rubicon has positioned itself uniquely as a specialist in the following areas:

Affiliate Marketing

The establishment, operation and promotion of  high impact affiliate programs for the casino industry, through the use of latest technologies and implementation of UX best practices.

Search Marketing

As the number of Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu users increase daily, both organic and paid search marketing have become increasingly competitive. Rubicon provides industry insights and actions that allow for maximum return on search investment.

Content Marketing

Inbound marketing has fundamentally transformed online marketing, and Rubicon understands the concept of “give before you take”.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus provide huge opportunities for iGaming operators who have the foresight to harness these channels. Rubicon ensures that they are optimally utilised to gain maximum return.

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