At Rubicon Consulting, we love to take the lead wherever we can. Be it in the marketing world, be it in consultancy, we want to be the best. Because if we are the best, we are can give you the best. As a result, we offer all our clients real-time updates on what is happening in the iGaming world. Be it the latest trends or the new games in business, you will find all the news about it on the Rubicon updates page.

Real-time Updates

At Rubicon, we offer you real-time updates on everything that is happening in the iGaming World. Catch our real-time updates on all our social media channels. In addition, do feel free to post comments. Join as we discuss these updates on our social media pages as well. Catch us on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. Follow us to get the news while it is still hot and fresh.

Updates on the latest iGaming Trends

Get the latest news on the iGaming trends at the Rubicon Updates page. To stay ahead of your competition, just make sure that you subscribe to get our newsletters on the latest trends. For instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Smart Assistance (Siri, Alexa), Automated Betting, Blockchain Contacts, Virtual Reality (VR) with a dash of Augmented Reality (AR) and so much more.

New Games in the Business

There are numerous online game software providers, and it is so hard to keep track of all the new games. So why not just follow us while we follow them. Just make sure that you tune in with Rubicon and we tell you all about the latest games in the business. From all the casino online game software providers straight to your doorstep. Not only do we take the lead in marketing and consultancy, but in everything that affects our clients and us. Besides, how would we be able to offer advice on things that we don’t know about?